Superior Performance in Less-Than-Truckload Operations 

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Load Securement / Logistics

14-gauge, 80,000 psi galvanized steel logistic seams are available on 16” or 24” centers with logistic seams rated at 1,800 lb.

DuraPlate® Composite Plate Sidewalls

DuraPlate panels are constructed of a high-density polyethylene core bonded between two high-strength steel skins to provide unmatched damage resistance and maximum interior width. DuraPlate sidewall panels are made in the U.S.A. and backed by a 10-year warranty.*

ID/Aux Stop Light System

The new ID/Stop Light System integrates auxiliary brake light indicator functionality with the upper rear ID lights – providing better visibility of trailer braking.

High-Strength Floor System

Rated at 16,000 lb., the full 1-1/4” oak floor system with bolted crossmember connections provides superior floor strength to support high-cycle loading/unloading and extends floor life.

Damage-Resistant Roof System

Anti-snag roof bow design deflects impact to minimize damage. Roof bows are constructed of 18-gauge x 80K galvanized steel to increase strength without adding weight.


DuraPlate® pup or doubles trailers are specifically designed to reduce your equipment’s total cost of ownership in demanding less-than-truckload applications. These trailers provide superior damage resistance and high strength for load securement and optional decking systems. DuraPlate pup trailers deliver exceptional value for your operation.

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General: Dimensions: 28' x 102-3/8 x 13'6"
Front interior height: 110-1/4"
Rear interior height: 111-1/4"
Interior width sidewall to sidewall: 101-1/2"
GVWR: 40,000 lb. / 18,144 kg
GAWR: 20,000 lb. / 9,072 kg

Nose/Coupler: 4" coupler
3/16" x 50K approach plate with .290" x 50K grid plate
Kingpin with zinc anodes corrosion protection
One-piece extruded aluminum header
5" radius corner post constructed with .125" heavy-duty extruded aluminum
6-post nose with structural corner posts, hat channels mounted with four 5/16" steel bolts and 1/4" rivet connections around perimeter
Heavy-duty, 3/16" stainless steel lower nose rail

Sidewalls: DuraPlate composite panels with a limited 10-year warranty*
Flat seam design allows top rail connection to the outside panel
Recessed logistic seam on 50" vertical centers rated at 1,880 lb. working load
Integral A-slots punched on 4 ½" centers
DuraPlate panels made in the U.S.A

Floor System: 16,000-lb. dynamic load rating
Full, 1 1/4" thick laminated oak floorboard installed with three screws per board, per crossmember
4" steel or aluminum crossmembers on 12" centers in bay, steel crossmembers over sub frame and landing gear, 8" centers in rear 2'
Steel base rail bolt connections

Roof System: .040" aluminum roof sheet wrapped over top rail edge
18-gauge steel anti-snag roof bows mounted on 24" centers

Rear Frame: Carbon steel with ultra high-zinc epoxy primer and polyester power-coated for corrosion resistance. Galvanized and stainless steel options available.
Carbon steel rear impact guard with outboard vertical bumper legs meets U.S. Department of Transportation and Transport Canada requirements
5/16" steel base plate in rear sill with 1/2" post protection
Eyebrow and vertical light protection
7-1/2" rear header with integral gutter
Todco® 3/4" overhead door with structural polymer overlay (SPO), maximum-security lock, rubber side and bottom seal with pull strap

Pintle Hook: Holland PH-210, ridged type with air operated plunger
Eye height set at 34", inset 1" and single safety chain loop

Suspension: SAF UltraLite™ mechanical suspension or Hendrickson VANTRAAX®HKANT 40 air suspension with Hendrickson QUIK-DRAW®
Meritor® Axle with parallel "P" spindle wheel ends
Meritor MA212 long-life brake linings
Haldex Gold Seal® brake chamber with S-ABA slack adjuster
Maxion Wheels 5HH white powder-coated lightweight steel wheels
Intercostal crossmember bracing and JOST landing gear

Lights/Electrical: All LED lights
Wabash National 3.0 sealed harness system

  • Captive beam system
  • Door track protectors 
  • DuraPlate® AeroSkirt® and other brands of trailer side skirts
  • DuraPlate nose
  • DuraPlate nose liner
  • Floor packages available in laminated oak, aluminum, composite, and combination kits
  • ID/AUX Stoplight System
  • Leaf spring and air suspensions
  • Lightweight options to reduce weight and/or increase payload  
  • Scuff liners available in wood, steel, aluminum and plastic in various heights
  • EPA SmartWay® certification
  • Tire inflation systems
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Vertical and horizontal interior logistics
  • Wide base tires