Converter Dollies

Longer Life. Lower Operating Costs.
Every aspect of this equipment is designed to extend useful life and reduce your maintenance costs. Constructed of high-strength, 50 KSI steel with galvanized frame and hangers, our dollies are built to withstand corrosion, as well as extreme highway and yard abuse.

Engineered for Your Operation
Supported by one of the industry’s leading engineering teams, our converter dollies are designed to meet your fleet’s specific requirements. Whether you’re running doubles, triples or require a specialized fifth wheel or wheel system, we can engineer a package to optimize your equipment’s performance – for any make or model trailer.

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General: GVWR: 20,000 lb / 9,071 kg
Drawbar length: 76"
Drawbar height: 34"
Fifth wheel height: 47"
Designed, tested and rated for triples

Body Construction: Premier® 200 4-bolt drawbar eye, eye lengths from 72" to 108", in 2" increments
High tensile, 50,000-PSI steel draw bar and frame, fully galvanized
Holland® JS-300-J crank support/jack leg
76" center of eye to center of fifth wheel, welded main joints
Bolt-on JOST® fifth wheel with roadside release handle
Dual safety chains, 1/2" grade-7 safety chains with two 6-ton hooks
Counterweight options, with tongue weights as low as 30 lb, includes stiff leg

Undercarriage: Hutch® three-leaf spring suspension
Meritor® axle with parallel "P" spindle wheel ends, aligned post-production
Haldex® Gold Seal® brake chamber with S-ABA slack adjuster
Meritor MA212 long-life brake linings
Maxion® wheels, 5HH white powder-coated lightweight, steel wheels
Four, low profile, 295/75R22.5 steel radial tires, load range G

Air and Electrical: One LED stop/tail light with stainless steel ring
WABCO® anti-lock brake system (ABS)
Sealco® emergency valve and Bendix® R12 relay
Color-coded, nylon tubing
Wabash National® 3.0 sealed harness system

Fit and Finish: Steel frame fully galvanized
Black plastic mud flaps with Wabash National logo mounted on bolt-on brackets

  • 5/8" safety chains and hooks
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Brake stroke indicators
  • Coiled jumper hoses
  • High-capacity air tank; 2,515 cubic inches
  • Maneuvering/push-pull valve
  • Multiple air and electrical configurations
  • Multiple leaf spring configurations and suppliers
  • Swivel rubber-mounted drawbar eye
  • Tire inflation system
  • Two-piece modular draw bar and frame
  • Two or four tail light configurations
  • Wide-base tires