TrustLock Plus® System

The TrustLock Plus System not only improves door operation for the driver, it locks the door within 3” of the trailer sidewall when loading/unloading to prevent door damage. That’s 50% closer than traditional hook and chain holdbacks.


  • Standard on all Wabash National dry vans
  • Patented combination, lockrod with door holdback
  • Standard on all dry freight swing door style trailers
  • Hot dipped galvanized coating
  • Anti-racking feature prolongs longevity of the rear frame

Lockrod handle improves ergonomics

  • Easier to open and close door
  • Eliminates handle damage to sidewall in hold-back position

Improved lockrod hasp

  • Anti-theft feature
  • Robust design reduces tampering

Hold-back features

  • Locks door within 3" of sidewall, 50% closer than traditional hold-back designs
    • Reduces risk of door damage while parked at docks
    • Improves driver’s vision when backing up to docks
  • Easy to lock and unlock
    • Allows driver to lock the door in the open position with gloves on
    • Eliminates additional hold-back parts
    • Positive door lock holdback reduces chances of the door opening while backing up
    • Reduces risk of door damage
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U.S. Patent No. 8,231,150
U.S. Patent Application Publication No. 2012-027485